General Information

Absence Reporting
Please call the Health Office at 978-464-5507 or email [email protected]

Student Handbook

Student Morning Drop Off

Parent drop off begins at 8:05am
Students should not be dropped off prior to 8:05am as there is no outdoor supervision.

Students will be supervised in the cafeteria from 8:05am until 8:15am
and then will proceed to homeroom.

Please do not park in the fire lines or idle.

The main entrance parking lot is ONE WAY. Please obey the traffic laws and patterns. We ask that parents make one queue. Your children should exit your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible when you arrive at the sidewalk entrance. Remind your child(ren) not to walk behind your car and to get to the sidewalk immediately and to go directly into the school building to the cafeteria. Please do not form two lines, nor should you leave the queue once you have dropped off to get around other vehicles whose children are still exiting their vehicles- this is an extremely dangerous situation that has been occurring.

Dismissal Procedure Parent Pick Up

Official Parent Pickup

TPS Map Parent Pick UP

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan

Bullying Prevention: Guides for Parents
Bullying Cyberbullying Social Networks Internet Games
ReThink Nondiscrimination Statement

Student Accident Insurance


MCAS Information

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