If your child is planning on participating in sports, please log into Family to sign him or her up.  In order to participate, your child must have on record a physical that has been completed in the last 13 months.  If a physical expires during the sport’s season, your child CANNOT continue to play until a new physical has been completed by your physician and turned into the health office.  No exceptions to this rule will be made. If your child needs an updated physical, please do so now.  A copy of the physical can be uploaded on the Family ID registration page or submitted directly to the health office.  Payment is due prior to the start of the season.  Please don’t wait until the last minute, sign up now to allow time for paperwork to be processed by the health office.

Academic and Conduct Requirements

Students must pass all subjects and demonstrate appropriate school behavior in order to participate in sports or extracurricular activities. Students will be excluded from all sports and/or extracurricular activities when they have a failing grade at either Interim or Report Card communication. Chronic misbehavior or an incident of serious misconduct according to school standards may also result in being declared ineligible to participate.


Family ID Registration Link
RevTrak Payment

Registration for Boy's Basketball at TPS registration is now open. 

TPS girls will be teaming up with Chocksett Middle School.  Registration and payment can be made with them here.

**Information regarding tryouts will be announced at a later date.**

Payment isn't required until teams have been selected.  Once selected, payment can be made through  the RevTrak link above is due prior to the start of the season opening. 

Boy's Basketball Game Schedule
Jan. 3, 2023
TPS bye week n/a
all regular
season games
start at 3:30
Jan. 6, 2023
TPS vs. Central Tree home
Jan. 10, 2023
TPS vs. Mountview home
Jan. 13 2023
Paxton vs. TPS away
Jan. 17, 2023
Chockset vs. TPS away
Jan. 20
TPS bye week n/a
Jan. 24, 2023
Central Tree vs. TPS away
Jan. 27 2023
Mountview vs. TPS away
Jan. 31 2023
TPS vs. Paxton home
Feb. 3 2023
TPS vs. Chocksett home
Feb. 7 2023
prelims TBD TBD
Feb. 9, 2023
semi-finals TBD TBD
Feb. 15. 2023
championship games WRHS 4:00 girls
5:15 boys